St Joseph high school was started in the year 2011 with less than 40 students. Then the school boasted of temporary structures mainly made of wood and grass/makuti thatched classes.

Where the school stands now was initially a dump site. The founder Caroline Karuri saw a gap that so many young boys and girls who were completing primary schooling but were not able to transit to high school due to distance and the exorbitant school fees charged in other institutions. It’s against this background that the formation of St Joseph was mooted. For this dream to be realized Caroline, the students and parents had to be involved in sourcing for the material and building of these classrooms.


In 2014 St Joseph House of Hope made a major step after the Government of Japan through its Embassy in Kenya gave us a grant to build permanent structures where we were able to put up four permanent standard classrooms.


The high school as at now has 187 students and nine teachers.

The school also has a semi permanent laboratory with a capacity to hold 20 students.



For the third year in a row St Joseph house students have been able to sit for their national exams.

 We are now a fully registered examination center by the ministry of Education.


St Joseph House of Hope High school aspires to be a centre of excellence and competitively play at the same level with other established high schools. We intend to inspire and help the youth to realize their full potential through the provision of affordable education.



One of the major challenges is the inability of most of the students’ parents/ guardians are not able to pay school fees. This makes it an uphill for us to smoothly achieve our goals. The negative perception about education among learners, their parents and guardians is also a major impediment towards the realization of our objectives.

 Payment of salaries for our staff which stands at 250,000 per month.

As much as we have permanent buildings we still have a long way to go due to lack of the following

(i)                 A  library

Currently our students can not compete fairly with students from across the country for lack of learning materials. Having a well stocked library will be key in putting our high school on the path of success. With other partners and friends we can make this happen. The cost of such a facility can be reasonably reduced through the use of modern day building materials

(ii)               Feeding program

One of the ways through which we can encourage our students is through the provision of a meal especially lunch. A cooked nutritious mixture of maize beans is the much we can afford to feed them.

We endeavor to start a feeding program for the high school students just as we have with the primary section


(iii)             Dining hall

For us to achieve number (ii) above we must have a dining hall and a kitchen which we currently don’t have.

We endeavor to have a modern kitchen and a well equipped dining which can be used as a multipurpose hall for gatherings.


We know this is possible with all you good people.

(iv)   Permanent laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology subjects

Currently we have a semi permanent structure which serves as our laboratory.

 Its poorly equipped since lab equipment is quite expensive.


Again for our students to be able compete fairly such a facility will be helpful.   Ideally what happens in other schools is that such a cost of building such a facility will be passed to parents, sometimes the government would chip in if it’s a public school. We call upon our friends to come to our aid.


(v) Boarding facilities

Lack of boarding facilities has prohibited us to draw more students from far areas in an effort to allow many young people to have a chance in life. The current students too who would love to board will get ample and conducive environment to study and improve their grades

(vi) lack of a  proper play ground to nurture talent especially in field sports is a major short coming given that talent ant sport is multi billion dollar industry globally today. Many young talented youth have grown out of obscurity to stardom courtesy of sport. This can only happen if such talent is nurtured.

(vii)Lack of proper Furniture among others


For us to achieve these objectives we therefore seek like minded partners, friends and donors to support us in one way or another to help transform a society.

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The foundation will be expecting visitors from japan tomorrow

June 12, 2019


We are also yet to receive visitors on friday

July 12, 2019


St. Joseph crowned volleyball champions both boys and girls

May, 23rd 2019

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